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Incorporating leading-edge blockchain technology, Speedy emerges as a pioneering initiative launched by The GOAT Foundation, the first meme-centric foundation on Web3. This development introduces Speedy on the Fantom blockchain, recognized for its cutting-edge capabilities and high transaction speeds.

Speedy: A New Benchmark in Blockchain Performance

Globally recognized for his speed, Speedy aptly represents his new digital platform. Operating on the Fantom blockchain, Speedy exemplifies the blend of rapid transaction processing with robust security features. Fantom’s technology is designed not only to enhance transaction efficiency but also to innovate how businesses exchange value and engage with digital environments.

Fantom: A Hub for Innovation and Security

The Fantom blockchain stands out for its swift and secure transaction solutions, which are transforming business operations and digital interaction paradigms. With the forthcoming Sonic update, Fantom is set to significantly expand its network capabilities significantly, increasing the transaction rate to over 2,000 transactions per second and ensuring nearly instantaneous transaction finality.

Cultural Impact and Community Building by The GOAT Foundation

The GOAT Foundation, incubator of the Speedy project, is dedicated to fostering a unique cultural community in the Web3 space. This community focuses on narratives, memes, and NFTs that unite users and creators. The Foundation provides a secure platform for project creators and digital artists, facilitating successful launches, funding, and broader community engagement.

Speedy’s Role in Cultural and Technological Advancements

As the first project incubated by The GOAT Foundation on the Fantom blockchain, Speedy is poised to serve as a cultural catalyst and a technological milestone within the Fantom ecosystem.


SPEEDY is one of the key tokens embodying a global decentralized community. The SPEEDY team is very active and dedicated in this movement and this ensures that speedy remains a dynamic and competitive player in the Fantom ecosystem.



Gonzales Spidorius

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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