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A week ago, on his YouTube channel, Austin Hilton reviewed Bitcoin ETF Token, a unique crypto that rewards holders in anticipation of Bitcoin ETF approval.

Hilton highlights the project’s strategic approach and its connection to the highly anticipated spot Bitcoin ETF approval.

Bitcoin ETF Token has already surpassed $1 million in presale – Could it be the next big crypto?

$BTCETF isn’t your typical Bitcoin ETF; instead, it’s a unique project that rewards holders when Bitcoin ETFs are approved. Austin highlights the positive momentum driving Bitcoin ETF approvals, especially from major players like BlackRock and Fidelity, with expectations of approval in the first quarter of 2024.

Capitalizing on this excitement, the Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) has successfully raised over $1 million since its launch.

$BTCETF offers investors direct exposure to the approval of Bitcoin ETFs and the launch of related products. With widespread anticipation of SEC approval, investors believe $BTCETF can rally alongside the introduction of the first physically-backed Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S.

$BTCETF’s strategy of seizing the current narrative while encouraging holding has generated substantial interest. The project’s community-driven approach has garnered strong support during its ongoing presale. The second stage of the Bitcoin ETF Token presale concludes in less than 24 hours.

Following this, the price of $BTCETF will rise in Stage 4. To capitalize on the optimistic sentiment in the market regarding ETF approvals and the ongoing bull cycle due to halving, it is essential to act promptly and buy the Bitcoin ETF Token.

The presale takes place directly on the Bitcoin ETF Token website, accepting payments in ETH, USDT, or through credit or debit cards. In the presale, 840 million $BTCETF tokens are available, constituting 40% of the total supply.

Once the hard cap of $4.95 million is reached, the Bitcoin ETF Token presale will conclude, and the creators will seek to list $BTCETF on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap.

For those interested in investing, our guide on how to buy Bitcoin ETF Token is available here.

Bitcoin ETF Token: Profitable opportunities through strategic burning and staking

The video delves into staking, providing details on stake balance, pool percentage, estimated rewards, and total rewards.

Austin guides viewers through the staking process, emphasizing the opportunity for passive income. He also underscores the strategic burning of tokens linked to significant milestones. For more information, see our guide to the best staking platforms here.

Bitcoin ETF Token is a forward-thinking project poised to capitalize on the excitement surrounding impending ETF approvals. Furthermore, it incorporates a staking feature and a burn mechanism, solidifying its position as a legitimate and genuine DeFi platform.

The project mirrors the progress of Bitcoin ETF approvals, burning 5% of the total $BTCETF supply upon reaching five key milestones. This move strives to create scarcity during a period of heightened anticipation fueled by crucial victories in the quest for Bitcoin ETFs.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin ETF Token offers a staking mechanism with a generous 227% APY for a limited time. This strongly encourages early buying to maximize gains. Additionally, the staking process could reduce the token’s supply, implying that increased buying activity significantly boosts its price.

However, Bitcoin ETF Token extends beyond mere financial utility; it also serves as a platform that aggregates news and updates from various sources, keeping users abreast of the latest Bitcoin ETF developments. This feature aids decision-making, empowering users to navigate the market and enhance their prospects for success.

$BTCETF, an ERC-20 token, will become accessible on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap upon launch. The total number of $BTCETF tokens will be 2.1 billion. In the presale, 40% of the tokens will be available, with 25% allocated for staking rewards, 10% for liquidity pools, and 25% will undergo burning.

Bitcoin ETF Token project gains credibility with positive smart contract audit

Bitcoin ETF Token recently underwent a comprehensive smart contract audit by Coinsult, a leading blockchain technology review firm. This careful check looked closely at the code controlling the token to find any potential weaknesses or problems.

Coinsult’s manual code review revealed no major or medium-risk issues with the Bitcoin ETF Token smart contract. The review highlighted critical contract features, such as the owner’s inability to mint new tokens or blacklist specific addresses.

These features play a pivotal role in preventing excessive control by a single entity. Coinsult also verified the 5% selling fee and noted the owner’s discretion to exempt certain addresses from this fee. Overall, Coinsult’s positive review lends credibility to the Bitcoin ETF Token project.

The absence of major flaws in the smart contract code bolsters investor confidence in its reliability. As Coinsult explained, their manual review aimed to “ensure the functions operate as intended” and to “detect potential security vulnerabilities.”

In the case of Bitcoin ETF Token, the review concluded that both aspects were effectively addressed, demonstrating a smart contract that adheres to industry best practices.

Take a look at our price prediction for Bitcoin ETF Token.


Austin praises the project for connecting with the positive factors in the market and recognizes the chance of significant burns, which would decrease the total token supply. The video ends with a reminder for viewers to do their own research, and links in the description offer more information.

In his detailed presentation, Austin Hilton shares information and makes clear points about the Bitcoin ETF Token presale. He highlights its distinctive method of rewarding holders alongside the approval of regular Bitcoin ETFs.

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