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On a recent Twitter Spaces, the Bitcoin Magazine discussed whether or not we are in a bitcoin “super cycle” with special guests. Check out the audio and unedited transcript from that chat below.

Listen To This Episode:

[0:07] CK: What’s up, Bitcoiners?

[0:09] The Rational Root: Okay. Hello everyone.

[0:12] CK: What’s up, Root? Excited to have you on. I hope you don’t mind if I tell the audience a little bit about Bitcoin 2022.

[0:19] Root: No. Sure. Go ahead, please.

[0:22] CK: All right, y’all. The ultimate Bitcoin conference is on April 6th through the 9th. Everyone needs to be there. It is going to be the ultimate gathering of Bitcoiners. I can’t even put the words together to really properly articulate how special and how electric it is to have thousands and thousands of Bitcoiners in one place. When you’re that aligned with people on something that’s so important and so fundamental as freedom, sovereignty, and sound money, it’s really something special. Thirty-five thousand Bitcoiners coming together in the flesh in Miami Beach, Florida on April 6 through the 9th for 4 days of celebrating the Bitcoin culture and learning and experimenting with Bitcoin, and just being with Bitcoiners. You’re not going to want to miss it. It’s going to be part of history. Bitcoin ’21 was part of history. That’s where President Bukele announced that El Salvador would be making Bitcoin legal tender and this year, Bukele is coming back, and he has promised so much more. So, really excited for Bitcoin 2022, April 6th through the 9th. Go to to learn more about that. But that is enough of me. Root, I guess, while we’re waiting for some more folks to arrive. I see Dylan in the audience, we can let him up on stage. Do you want to kind of start setting the groundwork for this general idea of super cycle and why is it different than what has previously been talked about when it comes to Bitcoin price action?

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