Indian Couple Tie their Knot in the Metaverse, Offering 3D Experience for 500 Guests

To ensure that family and friends across the globe attended their big day, amid geographical constraints and safety measures under the COVID-19 pandemic, an Indian couple decided to have the first wedding of its kind in the metaverse, according to Business Insider.

Abhijeet Goel and Sansrati said “I do” on a scenic beachside venue hosted on Yug Metaverse with the wedding being executed and conceptualized by media agencies and Wavemaker India.

The metaverse wedding coincided with the physical event happening in Bhopal, India last Saturday.

Per the announcement:

“Abhijeet and Sansrati created a scenic beachside wedding environment which could be accessed via Yug platform. The wedding had more than 500 registrations for the wedding. Users could change their avatars, walk through the event and enjoy the dancing floor too.”

Therefore, guests witnessed the union through their digital avatars.

Shashank, a member of the Yug platform, gave the 3D metaverse wedding a thumbs up and said:

“Metaverses like Yug are a logical evolution of the current 2D Internet to an Immersive 3D experience akin to the real world. Yug is an open platform where people can create their own experiences like marriages, virtual events, exhibitions, friends hangout, business meetings, and conferences or enjoy experiences created by others.”

He added that the platform could transform various fields like entertainment, commerce, business, and education through decentralization

The metaverse is continuing to become mainstream in the modern era because it entails shared virtual worlds where avatars, buildings, land, and even names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrencies.

It seems the sky’s the limit for the metaverse because it is anticipated that 25% of people will utilize at least one hour daily in this virtual world working and shopping, among others, by 2026, according to research and consulting company Gartner. 

Furthermore, William Quigley, the co-founder of the stable coin Tether (USDT), believes that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be the revenue model of the metaverse. 

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