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This piece is part of a series that features interviews with Bitcoin miners about their experiences setting up and scaling mining operations, as well as their views on the direction of the mining world. If you are mining Bitcoin and want to share your knowledge and story — the ups, downs and innovations — reach out to the author on Twitter @CaptainSiddH. I met my interviewee for this piece, @TechEngineer21, because he reached out!

For this interview, TechEngineer21 went over his simple yet powerful home heating system. I hope this system can be an inspiration for hobbyists, since it doesn’t require a big budget or sophisticated knowledge and tools to assemble yourself. With just three S9 miners, TechEngineer21 no longer needs to use his gas furnace to heat his home. He shared a mountain of data collected by his smart home system and a full walkthrough of how his heater operates. You can find TechEngineer on Twitter (@TechEngineer21) and YouTube (Tech Engineer).

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