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Bitcoin fees recently began outpacing Ethereum fees for the first time in three years. This development appears to be driven by an increase in BRC-20 token inscriptions, which have led to a surge in transaction fees, creating a net positive outcome for miners.

Further, Bitcoin blockchain NFT sales have exceeded those on Ethereum over the past 30 days, with recorded sales of over $312 million compared to Ethereum’s $304 million, according to Cryptoslam.

A deeper delve into the NFT sphere reveals that BRC-20 NFTs are leading the sales volume ranking, with a substantial $83 million in sales in the past 30 days. This significantly trumps the sales value of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which stands at $42 million. Further, there has been a remarkable 398% increase in buyers for BRC-20 NFTs within the past month, according to Cryptoslam.

Rank Blockchain Sales (USD) Change Wash (USD) Change Total (USD) Change Buyers Change
1 Bitcoin $311,634,586 2395.70% $7,603,003 108781.40% $319,237,589 2455.16% 2,854 73.81%
2 Ethereum $304,292,807 52.88% $285,866,535 145.13% $590,159,342 86.96% 70,423 0.54%

Source: cryptoslam

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